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Healthcare Software Development

With a focus on long-term partnerships, we are committed to delivering innovative and effective healthcare software solutions that drive better patient care and streamline healthcare operations.

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Redency Healthcare software development services

What we do

Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to streamline your operations, a healthcare organization seeking to improve patient care, or a startup looking to disrupt the healthcare industry, we are here to help.

Software development 


We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

We work closely with our clients to design and build software that meets their specific needs. Whether you need a custom EMR system, a mobile app for remote patient monitoring, or a secure platform for tele-health consultations, we'll get you covered.

Cloud Architecture


We're dedicated to helping our clients meet evolving industry needs.

Our team of experts will work with you to assess your current systems and identify areas for advancement to improve performance, enhance data security, and provide a better user experience for both healthcare professionals and patients.

API integrations


We have vast expertise in building custom integrations for healthcare organizations.

Whether you need to integrate electronic health records (EHRs), billing systems, telemedicine platforms, or any other healthcare application, we have the expertise to get the job done.

Our healthcare software development expertise 


We have extensive experience in healthcare software development to deliver top-quality, user-friendly medical applications that meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

Telemedicine icon

Telemedicine software solutions


We`ll help you with intuitive and easy to use solution for:

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • eVisits

  • Patient education

  • Automated check-ins

  • Clinical Decision Support System

EHR solutions icon

EMR/EHR solutions


We offer comprehensive EMR/EHR software development services to help medical organizations achieve their goals of delivering exceptional care.

  • Medications and e-prescriptions (eRx)

  • Patient Management & Engagement

  • Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

  • Billing Information (RCM)

mHealth platforms icon

mHealth platforms and patient portals


We are committed to helping healthcare providers leverage the benefits of mHealth by creating intuitive and secure apps that can be easily accessed by patients.

  • Diagnostic and treatment support

  • Disease tracking

  • Remote patient monitoring

Hospital Management Systems icon

Hospital Management Systems


Automate various manual processes such as appointment scheduling, patient registration, billing, and inventory management.

  • eHospital Systems


  • Clinical Workflow Management

Cloud infrastructure icon

Cloud infrastructure

  • Cloud computing

  • Medical imaging systems (PACS)

  • Cloud-based Digital Libraries

  • Drug Discovery

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • IoT

Custom Healthcare Solutions icon

Custom solutions

We understand that every healthcare organization is unique, and that's why we offer customized software development services to meet your specific needs. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals and requirements, and then develop a solution that is tailored to your organization.

We adhere to medical standards and regulations

Health information privacy standards:


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HIPAA compliance icon
ISO compliance icon
CCPA compliance icon

Healthcare information exchange standards:


HL7FHIR compliance icon
DICOM compliance icon

Here is how we help our clients scale

Case Studies


Our healthcare software solutions are a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering excellence.

Automatic Visual Inspection For Pharmaceutics

Team Extension

Team: 1

Duration: 3 months

The counting solution based on machine learning that enables automatic counting and tracking of multiple types of objects. Radency expanded the clients' in-house team to take over connecting a medical labels printer into the system's workflow.


Angular, TypeScript, RxJS, Electron, NestJS, PostgreSQL, gRPC, Docker

Digital healthcare platform for effective doctor-patient communication

Dedicated Team

Team: 5

Duration: 6 months

Digital healthcare platform for family medicine that connects patients and family practitioners, making communication between them convenient and easy. With the platform, patients can review their medical data, schedule appointments, or choose a family doctor.


TypeScript, React, Redux, TailwindCSS, NestJS, GCP, RabbitMQ, Docker, RostgreSQL, Sequelize.

AI-powered fitness app for personal trainers aimed to streamline workout planning

Team Extension

Team: 2

Duration: 16 months

The trainer app is a cloud-based solution designed for personal trainers and coaches to create, manage and deliver training programs to their clients. Users can upload their own content or use a pre-build exercise library to create custom workouts. 


React, Redux, Thunk, Cypress, NodeJS, Express, Fastify, Firebase, Flutter, Heroku, Netlify, Agora, Stripe.

Our clients’ testimonials

Let our clients speak for us

Photo of Gleb

Engineer & VP of Technology, Primacy

Gleb Popoff

The outcomes were very positive. The work quality was excellent and developers/ designers received feedback well and implemented any requested changes promptly.

5-star Clutch rating badge
Photo of Daniel

Founder & Managing Director, Urban Intelligence

Daniel Mohamed

We were originally a bit skeptical about outsourcing our technology functions to an agency, but I’m delighted to say that deciding to go with Radency has taken away a key area of stress in my life!

5-star Goodfirms rating badge
Profile icon

Co-Founder, Cambridge Technical

Neel Bhattacharya

They were very professional and detail-oriented. Working on the product they covered aspects I haven’t even thought about. You can give them the task and be sure that it will be delivered in the best possible manner.

5-star Goodfirms rating badge
Photo of Paul

CTO, Urban Intelligence

Paul Nebel

Not only have we managed to meet client expectations, but clients have thanked us for the rapid and responsive manner in which we have produced their solutions. This is largely due to the competency and work ethic of the Radency team.

5-star Clutch rating badge
Photo of Xavier

CEO, Momentz Sports

Xavier Bidault

They really took the time to understand our project and asked the right questions, some that we hadn't thought of asking ourselves. They were very flexible and available.

5-star Clutch rating badge
Photo of Jonathan

Founder, Cashews


We’re impressed with their ability to fully onboard a new developer quickly and efficiently. When somebody joins their projects, that means they’ve already been well integrated into their internal process so it's been a smooth transition as a result.

5-star Clutch rating badge

Why clients choose Radency

With deep technical expertise in technologies, domain knowledge and regulatory compliance, we provide innovative high-quality software solutions that help increase operational efficiency and grow healthcare businesses.

Domain knowledge


Medical technology, personalized medicine, life science and bioinformatics.

We have deep understanding of the healthcare industry, including medical terminology, clinical workflows, regulatory requirements, and the overall healthcare ecosystem.

Regulatory compliance


We are committed to regulatory

We have deep understanding of the healthcare industry, including medical terminology, clinical workflows, regulatory requirements, and the overall healthcare ecosystem.

Quality assurance

We carefully inspect software systems to eliminate errors and performance issues.

We thoroughly test software solutions for healthcare to ensure high productivity, stability, efficient resource usage, responsiveness, and interoperability across operating systems and devices.

Our approach to

Healthcare software development

At Radency, we believe in a collaborative approach that involves continuous communication and feedback from our clients. This enables us to deliver reliable, secure and scalable software solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Photo blue.jpg



​At this stage we make sure our approaches and modus operandi fit together. By creating a broad plan for finishing the project we’ll put together a proposal and give you an idea of the necessary budget.



Following an in-depth requirements analysis, we’ll suggest the most efficient course of action to accomplish your business goals. We'll then prioritize product features into a roadmap, set milestones and create an estimated task backlog that will serve as a preliminary plan which will guide the project.



We assemble the team tailored to the project, which will build your product in short cycles, meeting with you regularly to review the working software and adjust the plan if needed. You can expect the first viable product to be shipped no later than 3-4 months after the start of development.

Our collaboration models

Looking for end-to-end product development or just scaling-up your in-house team? We're here to help.

Dedicated Development Team


Radency builds an efficiently managed dedicated team to cover your technology-driven needs. Either led on your side or by Radency – you determine the preferred degree of involvement, while we ensure radical efficiency and full visibility into the project progress. 

Photo of Radency's solution architect
Photo of Radency's frontend developer
Backend developer
Photo of Radency's QA engineer


Solution Architect






QA Engineer

Avg. Team Size: 3-5 Teammates

Team Extension

Fully vetted Radency software engineers join your team on a full time basis with 100% dedication to your project. Working with them is exactly like working with your own team: direct communication, full accountability, transparency and shared goals. 

Profile icon
Profile icon
Backend developer
Photo of Radency's backend developer


CTO/Tech Lead







Avg. Team Size: 1-3 Teammates

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Get your project moving!

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  • How long does it take to build an eLearning solution?
    Project scope and team size are the main factors that influence the time required to develop a custom solution. The scope depends on the project goals - whether it’s an MVP aimed at testing the market, raising investment and finding product market fit, or it’s a refined product built to last. For the former, a team of 2-3 developers will cope with the task within 3-6 months. For a more sophisticated and performant platform, the same team may need 12-24 months of active development.
  • Do you build solutions for other industries besides education?
    Yes. We help Startups and SMBs develop EdTech solutions not only for the educational sector but also for other industries such as finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and others.

Frequently asked questions

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