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Automatic visual inspection for pharmaceutics.

Automatic visual inspection solution development

About the project

Our client is a Swiss startup that specializes in computer vision for the healthcare industry. It designs solutions based on machine learning that enables automatic counting and tracking of multiple types of objects.

Radency engineer was tasked with connecting a medical labels printer into the system's workflow as well as integration of a computer vision solution into the QA process.

Product features

Computer vision integration

The computer vision integration via the gRPC protocol was done in order to perform a print quality inspection.

Label printer integration

We've integrated with the label printer and implemented the programmatic generation of the labels in Node.js so that users automatically generate adhesive labels with all necessary count information

PDF reports generator

At the end of each counting operation, the system provides detailed PDF reports with all identification data. 

Quality Assurance

There is no place for mistakes in automatic visual inspection. Hence, we’ve employed a number of techniques to assure solution quality:

  • Covered the Node.js and Angular codebase with unit tests.

  • Created system test documentation 

  • Created Swagger Open API documentation


Team Extension

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • Angular \ TypeScript \ RxJS \ Electron 

  • Nest.js \ PostgreSQL \ gRPC \ Docker

Product Team

1 software engineer on a full-time basis

The process

Setup process

After assessing candidates we handpicked a developer that completely fulfills the client’s requirements and started work immediately. 


The client needed to extend their in-house development capacity with one Radency engineer. During communication, we clarified the project’s goals and requirements, defined necessary skills and desired workflow to assemble the best-fit candidate.

Integration and delivery

Radency engineer smoothly integrated into the client’s tool to manage projects following their preferred management approach.

Automatic Visual Inspection tool For Pharmaceutics

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