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Product Management

Here at Radency we are not only experts at building the product right, but we also help clients build the right product.


We'll help you translate business objectives into engineering requirements 


Our product managers will assist in generating and validating 

growth hypothesis 


Together we'll work on increasing NPS and user

retention rate

Why us

We only win when you win. Our product management competency offers a fresh perspective, new ideas and tools which will help you create a successful product.

Radency’s top-tier talent knows how to translate client objectives into reality. Their processes are streamlined and effective, but they are also flexible enough to adapt to new processes. The team is very communicative and adhered to project deadlines and budgets.

Edwin Stanton, Founder of a fantasy football startup

Result Focused,
not Hours Focused

We achieve maximum efficiency by minimizing the need for custom software development by leveraging existing modern tools and technologies to solve our clients' problems

Full-cycle: from Design
to Support
from Design

With us you won’t just “rent a developer”. You’ll extend your team with our professionals specializing in software design, development, testing and product management.

Full control and high development ROI

With our agile process, you’ll see progress earlier, collaborate with our team tightly, achieve a quick time to market and enjoy high development ROI.

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