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A robust digital healthcare platform for effective doctor-patient communication.

Healthcare platform

Healthcare platform development case study

About the project

BeHealthy is a digital healthcare platform for family medicine that connects patients and family practitioners, making communication between them convenient and easy. With the platform, patients can review their up to date medical data, schedule appointments, or choose a family doctor, while the family practitioners can better manage consultations and communicate with patients.

Product features

Appointment scheduling

Patients can choose available slots and book a medical appointment online. Once the physician approves, the appointment patient gets the confirmation through the app, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Reminders and notifications

Patients and practitioners get reminders on upcoming visits to avoid missed appointments.

Doctor-patient communication

Secure and encrypted audio/video consultations between patients and family practitioners with direct access to the patient’s records.

Medical records

The solution helps family practitioners effectively and securely manage patients and their medical records, generate reports and prescriptions. It also gives the patients access to all their medical data and details about their health.


Patients can choose a clinic and family doctor with the necessary experience and education and sign a declaration with him online.

HIPAA compliance

Secure storage and access to all medical data. The application is compliant with HIPAA requirements and security protocols.


Software Engineering

UI / UX Design

Quality Assurance


  • Frontend: TypeScript / React / Redux / TailwindCSS

  • Backend: TypeScript / NestJS / RabbitMQ

  • DB: PostgreSQL / Sequelize

  • Cloud: Docker / GCP

Product Team

3 engineers

1 designer

1 QA

Healthcare platform declaration requests page

HIPAA compliant software

HIPAA compliant healthcare software development

(Electronic) protected health information

Electronic protected health information in healthcare software development

The solution architecture

Healthcare platform for family medicine solution architecture
Healthcare platform schedule medical appointment view

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