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AI-powered fitness app for personal trainers aimed to streamline workout planning, reach more clients and grow revenue streams.


Trainer platform / 16-month engagement

Trainer app development case study

About the project

The trainer app is a cloud-based solution designed for personal trainers and coaches to create, manage and deliver training programs to their clients. Users can upload their own content or use a pre-build exercise library to create custom workouts. With the app, users can assign live groups or 1:1 classes and record them for on-demand use. Unlike other personal trainer apps the app’s AI can launch the scheduled workout, score clients based on predefined metrics, and provide real-time feedback to them.

Product features

Live video & audio classes

Users can host live group or 1:1 training sessions online and even stream premium music directly.

Payment management 

With the app users can create invoices, process payments through Stripe, and set up membership plans or program packages for their products and services. 

AI-guided workouts

App intelligence can launch the workout without having a trainer online; score clients with preset metrics and provide real-time feedback to them. 

Client Scheduling 

The app lets users manage their in-person and online classes in one place. Moreover, users can schedule live classes from recorded previous sessions even without being online. 

Analytics dashboard

Users can organize a construction project timeline to coordinate the right resources for the right work at the right time.

In-app messaging

Users get real-time notifications when clients message them and reply when it’s top of mind so they never lose track of client conversations.


Software Engineering


  • Frontend: React, Redux, Thunk, Cypress

  • Backend: NodeJS, Express, Fastify

  • Mobile: Firebase, Flutter

  • Cloud: Heroku, Netlify 

  • 3rd party: Agora, Stripe

Product Team

2 engineers

Trainer app tablet view

The process

Setup process

After thoroughly evaluating potential candidates, we carefully selected a Flutter developer who met the client's specific requirements and began working on the project. After a few weeks, we added one more engineer to work on the web application.


The client needed to augment their internal development team with a few Radency engineers. During communication, we clarified the project’s goals and requirements, defined the necessary skills and desired workflow to assemble the best-fit candidates.

Integration and delivery

Our engineers were seamlessly integrated into the client's core team and started contributing from the first day, adhering to their preferred techniques and tools while regularly updating on their work progress.

Trainer app mobile view

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Let's talk 

Interested to learn more on how Radency can bring value to your business? Drop us a line! 

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