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Years of software development experience available in an instant.
That's radical efficiency

We empower tech companies to win in today’s competitive digital economy by providing expert engineering and consultancy services. Choosing the right people, the most appropriate technology and effective and transparent processes, we ensure radical efficiency. That’s why we’re called Radency


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Countries covered


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Build a high-performance team tailored to your needs

When everyone is counting on you, you can count on us

We’ll efficiently ramp up an agile team with vetted experts to accelerate your product journey, ensuring full visibility and flexibility.

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Embrace digital transformation and cutting-edge technology

We’ll take you from ‘is it possible?’ to 
‘wow, we’ve made it’.

We will translate your needs into transparent and scalable custom enterprise solutions leveraging state-of-art technologies 

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End-to-end solution development

We don’t just get you there. We take you further.

We offer full-cycle end-to-end software engineering from prototyping to shipment, scaling and support. 

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Based in Poland and Ukraine,
we serve the world. 


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What we believe in

We’re always striving to be better, which is why we approach each client as if it’s our most valuable one. We listen. We learn. Along with this, we hold to the following values: 

working people



putting the needs of our clients first.



ensuring that stakeholders have a window into every process.



giving the ability to change direction as and when needed. 



cutting out the corporate jargon and being as direct as possible. 



taking care of our talent and developing their skills for the future.

Industry contribution

We invest into developing the local IT community by holding Training and Certification programs for bright engineers who strive to top up their game and master new technologies and skills. 

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applicants per each

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graduates who leveraged the program to progress in their careers

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Right people are the key to radical efficiency

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100 candidates per one hire

To recruit for just one position we often interview over 100 candidates. This means that you get the best, chosen by our best

Under Architect's care

Each our engineer works closely with our Solution Architects who guides them through their development plans 

Knowledge sharing is caring

We encourage knowledge sharing by involving our engineers in helping other bright engineers in our Training and Certification programs

Striving for professional growth

We foster professional growth by encouraging our engineers to pass industry certifications and allocating budgets for self-development

Meet the founders

Radency was founded by a mature team, skipping the teething problems of smaller companies. Our founders had already worked together for years and developed the processes that would define radical efficiency. 

Photo of Nikita, co-founder & CEO at Radency

Nikita Semenistyi

Nikita strives to find solutions that can be built quicker and faster, and work better than you could possibly expect. As an experienced CTO, he’s all about selecting and growing talent, ensuring that the benefits of his knowledge are passed on from engineers to clients. For Nikita, radical efficiency is all about putting the best engineers on the job. 

Connect with Nikita on social media:

Photo of Kate, co-founder & COO at Radency

Kateryna Semenista

With a winning track record in marketing, product management and people operations, Kate knows how to get projects off the ground and launched into the stratosphere. She runs Radency operations on a day-to-day basis, making sure that the radical efficiency ethos runs through every touchpoint. Thanks to her can-do attitude, the impossible can be achieved with every project.

Connect with Kate on social media:


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