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We create refined digital experiences that help achieve your business goals

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Combining analytical thinking and a product mindset with creativity and aesthetics we create beautiful intuitive products that work

Problems we'll help you solve

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Design responsive apps


Create human-centered UX and appealing UI for different platforms and devices

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Drive Desired User Behavior


Guiding user behavior through UX design to increase conversions, boost purchases, and enhance engagement.

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Create and refine design systems


Crafting, modernizing, and enhancing design systems that empower user’s digital journey.


Why us

We design simple, minimalistic and intuitive products with beautiful UI

Result focused,
not hours focused

We move beyond simply crafting interfaces and help you design the right product with the right strategy


Full-cycle: from design to support

With expertise in both tech and design, we create holistic projects, from an idea to the shipped product

Full control and high development ROI

With our agile process, you’ll see progress earlier, collaborate with our team tightly, achieve a quick time to market, and enjoy high development ROI

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Our clients’ testimonials

Let our clients speak for us

Photo of Gleb Popoff
Gleb Popoff

Engineer & VP of Technology,


Radency supported multiple React-based development projects focused on user experience.


The outcomes were very positive. The work quality was excellent and developers/designers received feedback well and implemented any requested changes promptly.

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John Solis


RevOps, Inc

The Radency team has expertise with the latest technologies (React, Redux) and are able to get unblocked quickly and propose alternate solutions when technical blockers are encountered.


The Radency team was easy to work with and they felt like a natural part of the engineering team. Able to quickly deploy new product features that were reliable for customers . Strong ownership of deliverables and would often take initiative on finding solutions for technical blockers.

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Neel Bhattacharya


Cambridge Technical

Radency team was responsible for helping the client visualize the product, create wireframes, and develop a design concept.


They were very professional and detail-oriented. Working on the product they covered aspects I haven’t even thought about. You can give them the task and be sure that it will be delivered in the best possible manner.

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Photo of Paul Nebel
Paul Nebel


Urban Intelligence

Radency has developed a custom software for a digital site identification company. They work on solutions based on the Google Cloud Platform and use React and Node.js for the front- and backend.


Thanks to the Radency team's competency, customers have expressed thankfulness for the rapid and responsive manner in producing their solutions.

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CEO & Founder

Climate Tech Startup

Radency built the app using the client's wireframes, enhanced its design, and improved its UI/UX.


They gave us a fantastic webapp that is getting very good feedback from partners, stakeholders and users. The team were able to advise on technical solutions, communicate well and work quickly.

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Rectangle 89

Head of Public Relations,

Renault Ukraine

Radency developed a custom platform for a multinational automobile manufacturer that was to reduce time creating personalized presentations, UI improvements, and high-quality marketing collaterals.


Radency was a highly positive partner. After two months, they successfully released the final MVP. The workflow was seamless, with no bottlenecks.

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Our design process

Our human-centered design approach lets us empathize with your customers, identify their pain points, and create solutions that enhance their experience with your brand or product

Work process

Discovery & Research

Our team conducts extensive research to understand your business goals, target audience, and industry trends. We believe that a deep understanding of your brand and audience is the cornerstone of successful design.

Extensive research

Extensive research

Stakeholders interviews

Stakeholders interviews

Iterative Design

Our expert designers embark on the creative journey, crafting wireframes and prototypes. Our iterative design approach involves rounds of client feedback, testing and refinement to fine-tune every aspect of the user interface.

Wireframing and prototyping

Wireframing and prototyping

Visual and user experience design

Visual and user experience design

Testing and validation

Testing and validation


Development and post-launch support

While our development team takes the approved designs and transforms them into a functional reality, the designer plays an active role in ensuring that the designs are correctly implemented during the development phase.

Development handover

Development handover

Designer support

Designer support


Smart Digital trip Logbook

Easily connects to a vehicle and automatically records trips

We’ve completely rebuilt the apps (using Flutter), drastically improved the UX, added new functionality and created modern, intuitive mobile and web applications that receive high praise from the test user groups (actual clients). 

Phones 2

Cooking-centric social platform

Social platform for video recipes that makes cooking fun

We created UI/UX designs for several new features as well as improved usability and aesthetics of the existing user interface.

Case 3

management platform

The platform helps companies plan and manage their construction projects

Radency’s team were entrusted with creating a construction management platform from ideation to release. We started with a discovery process that resulted in wire-frames and later in high-fidelity designs.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to build an eLearning solution?
    Project scope and team size are the main factors that influence the time required to develop a custom solution. The scope depends on the project goals - whether it’s an MVP aimed at testing the market, raising investment and finding product market fit, or it’s a refined product built to last. For the former, a team of 2-3 developers will cope with the task within 3-6 months. For a more sophisticated and performant platform, the same team may need 12-24 months of active development.
  • Do you build solutions for other industries besides education?
    Yes. We help Startups and SMBs develop EdTech solutions not only for the educational sector but also for other industries such as finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and others.

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