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Enabling businesses to reach customers with the right content, feature, or plan at the right time

User personalization platform / 11-month engagement

User personalization platform

About the project

All-in-one user customization platform that helps businesses improve customer engagement and retention. The platform gathers and analyzes changes in customer’s behavior across different devices and tailors content, offers, features, and prices accordingly. 

Product features

Data streaming with Kafka

The application uses Kafka, Amazon SNS services and S3 to provide a robust solution for Collecting important data from users for further cohort analysis, user segmentation and profile enrichment.

Real-time Metrics Collection

Based on the user’s previous trips, the app's algorithm can assign a trip's purpose automatically, leaving the user the possibility to edit the journey’s details. In case of any issues like lost connectivity, the solution suggests the users optimal solutions fix the gap trips.  

A/B Testing for Prompts

The app is audit-proof, the user can generate a report within just a few clicks and send it to the tax office right from the app.

User Segmentation

Users can group their customers based on specific criteria such as behavior, demographics, and interests to create personalized campaigns for each segment increasing customer engagement. 

3rd party integrations

Various integrations like Salesforce, Sendgrid, Stripe, Zendesk, Shopify, Zuora, Braintre save time and provide users with access to rich data helping them to create more personalized campaigns for their audience.

Low-code approach

The low-code approach enables even non-technical users effortlessly create and deploy user engagement campaigns that capture their audience's attention.

User personalization platform


Backend development 

Frontend development


  • Backend: Ruby, Rails API (v6) 

  • Data: MySQL, DynamoDB, Redis, Kafka

  • Cloud: Kinesis, AWS, Docker, AWS Lambda, 

  • Frontend: Vue, Vuetify, Vuex, Cypress BDD

Product Team

1 backend developer 

1 frontend developer

The solution 

The solution architecture

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