Fyrst - a staffing marketplace to get jobs done.

Staffing Marketplace  / 6-month engagement  /  5-person team

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the project


People/companies publish tasks they need help with.


Workers apply for assignments based on their qualification.

Fyrst is a task-based service platform connecting people or companies who require assistance in handling some everyday to-dos with freelancers looking for paying gigs. The platform enables users to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work. Product features include:


Advanced search features to find a perfect worker or a job.

Safe payments

Guaranteed payments once the worker’s job is complete.


UX Design

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • Frontend: React / Redux / Sagas / Tailwind

  • Backend: NodeJS / Express

  • DB: Postgres / Sequelize

  • CI/CD: AWS

Product Team

3 engineers

1 QA engineer

1 designer

The process


By following agile and CI principles our cross-functional full-stack development team created a fully-functional MVP version of the platform in just 8 weeks. We also ensured the project quality by using various QA and testing techniques.


The team started with a discovery phase. They determined the project objectives, target audience, key features and main requirements and based on that created a roadmap for delivery.  


To ensure a rapid feedback loop we deployed the first version of the product for beta-testing in 4 weeks after the start. Based on feedback we improved the solution with suggested enhancements and advanced functionality.

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Radical Efficiency 

Here is an example of how we improve productivity and maximize efficiency while maintaining a high standard.

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Design implementation

Using the Tailwind CSS library spared us from writing plenty of custom CSS code. Since the library follows a mobile-first approach, we were able to focus on business logic rather than the UI part at the same time ensuring a seamless user’s experience across all devices.

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