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All-in-one solution for estimating and managing construction projects from planning to execution.

Construction project management platform

Construction project management platform development case study

About the project

Ctor is a project management software developed for construction companies. The platform helps companies plan and manage their construction projects, and store all project documentation, information about materials, and vendors. Ctor provides roadmap development and workflow management for architects and managers making these processes extremely quick, easy to handle, and more efficient.

Product features

Project managers dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of all company’s current, completed, and suspended projects.

Report generator 

The tool allows generating data-driven reports so managers can save time and get real-time insights into construction project status and performance.

Resource and budget tracking

Users can track resources and budgets, set providers and costs for material resources. 

Project scheduling

Users can organize a construction project timeline to coordinate the right resources for the right work at the right time.

Team communication

Users can collaborate with their team in real time and share the project information with their team, executives, customers, and other stakeholders to keep everyone on track.


Software Engineering

Quality Assurance

UI/UX Design


  • Frontend: Angular, Angular Material, NgRx

  • Backend: ASP.NET Core, SignalR

  • Data: Entity Framework, PostgreSQL, Azure Files

  • Cloud: Azure App Services, Azure Service Bus

Product Team

1 delivery partner (hourly)

2 engineers

1 QA

Construction project management platform UI

The solution architecture

Construction project management platform solution architecture scheme

Radical Efficiency

Here is an example of how we improve productivity and maximize efficiency while maintaining a high standards.

Construction project management platform building overview dashboard

The client's requirement was to build a scalable and reliable solution. We implemented the SOA to extract time-consuming operations and reduce resource usage. Also, we separate the client application from the main application to bring the content closer to the customers with automated content geo-distribution. Finally, we decided to stick to Azure Services to take full advantage of cloud computing, monitoring, and scaling the solution.

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