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Telemedicine platform that redefines healthcare accessibility / month engagement / person team

Telemedicine platform Case study

About the project

The application serves as a versatile telemedicine platform, offering video calls with doctors, real-time chat, an integrated calendar, and automated appointment scheduling. It utilizes AI for virtual assistance and automatic note summarization. Integration with the EPIC system enhances data sharing for improved healthcare experiences.

Product features

Automated Clinical Note Summarization

Using AI and NLP, the automated clinical note summarization feature condenses extensive healthcare provider records, simplifying the extraction of vital patient information, including medical history, current conditions, and treatment plans. It ultimately enhances the quality of patient care.

EPIC Integration

By combining the robust capabilities of EPIC's Electronic Health Record (EHR) with our telemedicine platform, this integration enhances the delivery of virtual care. It ensures that healthcare providers have access to complete patient information, resulting in high-quality remote healthcare services.

Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant streamlines healthcare interactions. With chat interface help, patients can describe their symptoms and receive recommendations on the most suitable healthcare provider to consult. It offers immediate appointment scheduling, access to visit history, and detailed PDF reports.

Appointment scheduling

Display available time slots for appointments and allow users to book a convenient slot. Once the doctor approves the appointment, a confirmation can be sent to users through the app, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Doctor-patient communication

This feature allows healthcare professionals to track the prevalence and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which can help to identify outbreaks and prevent the spread of resistant strains. The platform can also be used to monitor changes in resistance patterns over time, which can inform public health strategies and interventions.

HIPAA compliance

The application ensures secure storage and access to all medical data, adhering to HIPAA requirements and following strict security protocols.


Software Engineering


  • Frontend: TypeScript,  React,  Redux, TailwindCSS

  • Backend: TypeScript, NestJS, RabbitMQ

  • DB: PostgreSQL, Sequelize

  • Cloud: Docker, AWS

Product Team


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