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Enhancing Productivity with Project Management Platform

Project Management Platform / 12 months engagement

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the project

The platform is an efficient solution for overseeing and directing projects, providing a holistic approach covering crucial aspects, including project timelines, financial management, and meticulous activity tracking. Its scalability and adaptability make it suitable for projects of various sizes and complexities, catering to a wide range of industries and organizations. 

Radency was responsible for creating the user interface, optimizing the user experience, implementing front-end development, and ensuring seamless alignment with project management requirements.

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The process phases

Cards view

Boards offer a flexible approach to task organization, resembling movable sticky notes. This visual organization method is as effective as a list format, allowing for quick item addition, rearrangement, and progress tracking through different stages with simple drag-and-drop actions.

Users can view project items in either list or tree format, simplifying organization and managing sub-items within the project with minimal effort using drag-and-drop functionality

Tree view

This page is a central hub for managing different asset types, such as text, PowerPoint presentations, images, and documents. It streamlines content assets' storage, access, and organization within digital or document management systems.

The Notes page provides an efficient tool for capturing brief but critical annotations relevant to ongoing projects. The To-Dos section comprises a list of tasks requiring completion during the project's development phase. Users can collaborate and share thoughts and suggestions by leaving comments on both pages.

Notes & To-Dos
Various pages

Frequently used pages in the project include Notifications, Biography, Overview, Bulk Update, Time Off Request, Budgets, Activity, and others.

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