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A smart collaboration app which helps organizations manage product workflow in one place.

Productivity Software  / 6-month engagement  /  2-person team

Productivity app development case

the project

The tool offers a plethora of project management and collaboration functions, as well as helps visualize projects in boards and detailed lists with easy scheduling, labeling, tags, and comments. Product features include:

  • Multiple board views - Kanban, List, Calendar

  • Public Task API

  • Advanced task search

  • Live collaboration - realtime task updates


Team Extension

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, GraphQL

  • Google Cloud, Heroku

  • Vue, Vuex

Product Team

2 software engineers on a full time basis

1 Product Delivery Manager (part-time)

The process

Assembling the team

One Radency in-house engineer matching the required expertise and soft skills started working on the project immediately. Within 5 weeks we added another developer who met the requirements and whom we hired specifically for this project.


The client was looking to extend his development capacity and was interested in adding 2 dedicated Radency engineers. During a chat with the client, Radency’s Technical Product Manager gathered the necessary info on the project and their current processes to create the profile of a developer who would fit the existing client’s team.

Integration and delivery

Radency engineers integrated into the client’s team following their solid development processes - Github, Jira, Slack, and Scrum. The engineers pushed code on their very first day and reached full capacity in no time.

Their responsiveness and proactiveness is amazing. There’s no difference between working with our in-house developers and them being remote. For engineering, it’s really straightforward. Beyond being capable developers, they’ve contributed to the overall technical culture of our organization. We’ve even implemented a few of the Radency processes.

Volodymyr O., founder and CEO

Radical Efficiency 


Calendar and Kanban views with UI libraries

The platform has several views for tasks - Table, Kanban, and Calendar. Implementing each of these views is an effort-heavy task due to possible complex user interactions (drag-n-drop, mobile support, etc.). We researched the possible solutions and settled on using separate libraries for Calendar and Kanban views. The integration of these libraries took only a couple of days. Furthermore, as the solutions were popular open-source libraries, they were well-tested by thousands of users.

GraphQL for Task API

We urged using GraphQL for querying tasks. As various task views required different data, this would require meticulous work on backend implementing data presentations with filters, sorts and paginations. Using GraphQL eased the task significantly as we could implement the schema once and query all the permutations from the frontend without changing backend code. This was also useful for implementing a public API for tasks.

Non-production environments with Heroku

Soon after joining the project, we suggested introducing several environments: testing and pre-production. This allowed the team to efficiently test features and demo their work. In order to save time setting up these on Google Cloud, the engineers set up a Heroku account which is free to use and works out-of-the-box without much tuning needed.

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