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Powerful and innovative LMS which helps Radency automate processes of students' enrollment and training.

eLearning platform  

Student's dashboard on a laptop screen

the project

Radency LMS is a feature-rich platform developed to support our in-house Academy. Student enrollment, assessment and selection, training, and feedback all happen in one place. The platform is aimed at engineers with experience in software development and allows students to learn theory further cementing it by practical tasks. 

Product features

Automated assignments checking

Each home task is checked by a custom-written test system and does not require human resources to control it.

Admin dashboard with platform statistics

Admin dashboard allows managing academy and tasks. Academy statistics are combined into a single dashboard. 

Multi-language support

The application allows managing multiple languages. UI components are also adapted to LTR support.

User rating and achievements system

Each user earns points by passing the academy and gets achievements based on his actions e.g. passing few tasks in a row.

Multi-tenancy support

The application can be used by different companies from various domains. They can customize the colors and logos of the platform.


Stories are small text/image/video notifications similar to what you see on Instagram. This is the main way of communicating with end-users within the platform.


Shaping MVP

UI / UX Design

Product Management

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • Typescript

  • React / Redux / Sagas

  • NodeJS / Express

  • Knex / ObjectionJS

  • PostgreSQL

  • AWS

  • Jenkins

  • Docker 

Product Team

1 team/product lead

2 engineers

1 QA engineer

1 designer

The process

Design concept 

At the discovery phase, we also drafted low-fidelity wireframes to test the layouts and usability. This allowed our development team to start immediately while our UI/UX designer was working on the design concept and required screens.



From early on we relied on our educational initiatives to get top talent. With the growing popularity of our Academies, we needed a scalable platform to automate some of our processes covering enrollment, selection and training. We started with the Inception process where we analyzed the project's goals, looked closely at our target audience to come up with the requirements and a roadmap. 


Two software engineers with team/product lead set up the project and sprint after sprint delivered the product we use today. The team had weekly demos to align on the progress and collect feedback. 

The fully functional platform was released in 4 months and we continue adding new features to the LMS as the product is constantly evolving. 

eLearning platform student's course progress page

Radical Efficiency illustrations

Administration panel

Managing entities (academies, tasks, stories), aggregating statistics, independent administration panel to make academy bundle lightweight.

Common solution

Develop an administration panel as a part of the existing platform trying to incorporate existing styles and design.

Estimated implementation: 2 months.

Efficient solution

We used a react-admin library that contains theming and UI framework out of the box. No need to spend a week setting up code infrastructure as it is generated automatically by a library.

Implementation took: 1 month.

eLearning app view on mobile screens

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Let's talk 

Interested to learn more on how Radency can bring value to your business? Drop us a line! 

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