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Reinventing employees’ onboarding and corporate education with a seamless and intuitive LMS.


eLearning platform  / 12+month engagement  /  6-person team

Man sitting at a computer and using LMS

the project

Learning management platform assists companies in their change management and employee training efforts. Users can create courses, upload videos, track progress of their employees and integrate quizzes and forms into the platform. Product features include:

  • Multi-tenant platform - organization and user management

  • Knowledge testing - quiz creator

  • Organization and admin dashboard

  • Chat for employees and trainers

  • Notification system


UI / UX Design

Product Management

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Next.js

  • Docker, AWS, SQS

  • React, Redux, JAMStack / Gatsby, Kibana

  • React Native

Product Team

1 product manager

3 engineers

1 QA engineer

1 designer

The process

Design concept

It took our UI/UX designer 2 weeks to complete the first version of a design concept. After a feedback session with a client we slightly adjusted it and continued to design the application screens.

First release

We released the MVP version of the application in

6 weeks. We had regular weekly demos with the customer team to show our progress, ask strategic questions and adjust the priorities.


The process started with analyzing the client's vision for the project - goals, timelines, target audience etc. We conducted several ideation sessions to design platform concepts and features. By the end of this phase we defined initial requirements as well as the product's roadmap and had the wireframes ready.

Development kick-off

Two Radency software engineers started working on the platform from the very start along with the Product Manager. While we were finalizing the recruitment of another two developers who would join the project one month later, the team provided their first deliverables.

Dependable Delivery

After the initial release we’ve set up the Continuous Delivery process in order to deliver product updates to users as soon as possible and allow all of the stakeholders to work with the platform as it evolves.

Radency invested time to understand the project’s vision, establishing a dependable partnership. They guided the engagement with valuable suggestions and demonstrated outstanding attention to detail as well as dependable quality.

Richard E., Co-founder 

Radical Efficiency illustrations

Mobile app with React Native

Choice of React Native yielded several benefits - shared team for web and mobile and shared codebase for iOS and Android. This allowed us to be very flexible in balancing the workload among the existing team members. Furthermore, we’ve relied on React Native’s rich ecosystem and used open-source cross-platform libraries for many crucial functions such as video player.

Landing website with JAMStack

The platform has a content-heavy multi-page website. Building it with Gatsby was fast and rewarding:

  • the codebase matched the rest of the application

  • it is a React-based framework.


Gatsby plugins enabled first-class content management, out-of-the-box performance and SEO optimizations

BI dashboard with Kibana

Admin dashboard view is a crucial part for a SaaS product as it gives understanding of how the product is doing - analytics of client usage. We’ve decided not to build a custom solution and integrate Elastic Kibana instead. This decision not only saved us months of development but also allowed us to perform the most advanced analytical filters and functions on data.

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Let's talk 

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