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The platform for managing easy-to-use drones that deliver consistent, high-quality survey data.

Drone Mapping Solution 


the project

Our client is a cutting-edge drone manufacturing company based in Europe, offering users an efficient and cost-effective solution for mapping extensive areas using high-precision cameras. The platform enables users and distributors to register their drones easily, gather detailed mapped data, and extract vital information seamlessly.


Backend development

Frontend development

Application architecture design


  • NodeJS, NestJS, Python

  • GraphQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB

  • AWS, Docker

  • React, TypeScript

  • Auth0, HubSpot

Product Team

1 backend developer

1 frontend developer

Product features

HubSpot integration

The application leverages the HubSpot API integration's power to ensure users can access up-to-date information and precise data regarding drones, their owners, and distributors.  Resellers use Hubspot to get information about sales of products, spares, and licenses.

The application uses Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality to seamlessly integrate with internal sub-systems and external 3rd-party platforms such as Canny, Thinkific, and HubSpot Knowledgebase.

Mockup 3

The solution architecture

The solution architecture

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