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Mobile banking app for fast and secure operations.

Mobile banking app PoC development case study

About the project

MoBank is a PoC of a mobile banking application for our European customer. It’s a one-stop location for all user’s money needs - from checking balance and transferring money to trading stocks. One of its core features is the ability to buy and sell shares directly through the banking app without the necessity to create an additional account. Users see the latest market news in real-time to make better investment decisions.

Product features

Advanced authentication

Users can use mobile application to scan QR code and login without passing login/password pair in the web application.

Fraud detection

We detect suspicious logins and transactions based on various parameters collected over the time of usage.

Multi-factor confirmation

We provide users with an ability to confirm their actions through mobile application.

System testing tool

In order to test application load we have built a custom tool to generate stock market data.

Trade on the go

All the core features from the web application are available in the mobile app.

Real time charts

We display stock prices on a real-time chart updated every second.

Mobile banking desctop and mobile app versions

To ensure users understand their cash flow we provide them with convenient dashboards to display basic statistics.

We secure transactions data by encrypting sensitive data at rest as well as in transit.


UI / UX Design

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • Frontend: React / Redux / Sagas / Tailwind

  • Backend: NodeJS / Express / RabbitMQ

  • DB: Postgres / Sequelize / MongoDB / Mongoose

  • CI/CD: Docker / GCP

  • Mobile: Flutter

Product Team

3 engineers

1 QA engineer

1 designer

The solution architecture

Mobile banking app solution architecture

Radical Efficiency illustrations

Mobile app with Flutter

Choosing Flutter allowed us to build a high-performant cross-platform app without having to write a different codebase for iOS and Android. This, in turn, helped us to significantly reduce expenses on human resources as we didn't need to establish differently iOS and Android development teams.

Cloud Deployment

We used the GCP App Engine service and Docker to deploy our application. This allowed us to see the first results quickly right after the first week of the app development.  The process was performed by one of the developers and didn't require dedicated DevOps engagement at that moment.

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