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Staying on top of all personal finances.

Expense budget tracking app

Expense budget tracking app development case study

About the project

Cashews is an expense budget tracker allowing users easily plan and manage their money. With the app, users can connect to their bank accounts and track where the money is going.  One standout feature is the app’s predictive analysis, which tells users how much they can safely spend throughout the month. The app monitors and analyzes users’ income and expenses, tracks recurring bills and subscriptions helping users stay on top of all current costs. 

Product features

Accounts management 

Users can link whatever checking account and credit cards they use to get a complete view of their balances and transactions across all their financial accounts in one place.

Secure bank connections

The app provides connections to more than 12 000 banks and financial institutions so users can securely add all banks they use into one app. 

Financial predictions 

A predictive cashflow algorithm analyzes users’ income & expenses and provides users with real-time updates on how much they can safely spend every day, week, and month.

Instant notifications 

Users get daily push notifications about the current state of their finances.


Team Extension

Software Engineering


  • Backend: Ruby / Redis / Docker

  • Mobile: Flutter / BLoC / Firebase / Retrofit

  • 3rd party: Plaid / Sentry / Amplitude

Product Team

1 engineer

The process 

Setup process

After interviewing and assessing candidates we select Radency’s in-house developer matching the required expertise and skills and started working on the project in the shortest possible time. 


The client wanted to scale up their in-house development team with a talented developer to support them in building a mobile app. During the chat with the client, we clarified project requirements and goals and defined the necessary skills to assemble the best-matching candidate.

Integration & delivery

Radency developer smoothly integrated into the client’s core team following their solid development process and regularly reporting on the progress of the project.

We’re impressed with their ability to fully onboard a new developer quickly and efficiently. When somebody joins their projects, that means they’ve already been well integrated into their internal process so it's been a smooth transition as a result.

Jonathan, Founder, Cashews

Expense budget tracking mobile app view

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Let's talk 

Interested to learn more on how Radency can bring value to your business? Drop us a line! 

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