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Managing all personal finances in one app.

Money manager app 

Money manager app

About the project

The money manager app helps organize personal finances and track where and when the money goes. Users can control, categorize and calculate their in-and-out money, create budgets and set limits for spending. It is also a great tool to get the whole picture of your financial status.

Product features

Budget management

Users can set budgets that they will be able to stick to.

Statistics report

Users get insight into their spending patterns and can adjust them if needed.

Advanced calendar

Users can review all their daily, weekly, monthly or annual in-and-out money.

Export data in one click

Users can easily export their financial data to Excel.

Category management

Users can divide their expenses and incomes into categories (food, culture, social life etc.).

Accounts management

Users can create several accounts targeted to different goals and monitor all assets in one place.

Notification system

Exceed budget notifications can help users keep an eye on their expenses.

Multi-currency support

The app allows using various currencies to pay in accordance with the up-to-date exchange rate.


UI / UX Design

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • Flutter

  • BLoC

  • Firebase

  • GCP

Product Team

3 engineers

1 QA engineer

1 designer

The process


Our development team built the MVP version in 8 weeks. We had regular demo meetings to ensure that the team follows predefined requirements and guidelines.


In the beginning, the team focused on determining the project’s scope, objectives and requirements. This stage gave us a clearer picture of the project's feasibility and its timeframes. 


The app was launched after a few weeks into development. After the release, we continued making regular updates to meet all actual needs of the users.

Money manager app cards

Radical Efficiency 

Here is how we reduced development time and time-to-market while maintaining high productivity and quality.

Money manager app statictics screen
Mobile App with Flutter

To ensure the stability and high performance of the app, we have chosen Flutter. It doesn't need any platform-specific UI components to render its UI. Sharing the UI and business logic saved the time and efforts of the developers while not affecting the performance of the end solution.

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Let's talk 

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