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Automated optical inspection solution for manufacturers.

Multi-tenant platform based on deep learning / 18+ month engagement / 6-person team

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About the project

Automated optical inspection (AOI) solution enables fast and reliable automated quality inspection of products along the assembly line. Using deep-learning algorithms, the solution can detect even the smallest defects on heterogeneous or reflective surfaces, ensuring high product quality and minimizing the costs of fixing faults.

Product features

Image dataset annotation

Each image can be individually inspected in detail, labeled, and assigned to the specific class. Images can be combined into groups and then used for training and retraining deep learning models.


Neural networks are trained in the background and perform object recognition, anomalies and errors detection, annotations and data segmentation.

Role management system

Access to data, projects and various elements within the system is granular and defined for individual users.

Data analysis

Training data and image recognition results are presented in easy-to-read and well-structured dashboards.


Access to the platform can be performed by different tenants. Data is strictly separated to avoid any leaks between clients.


Software Engineering


  • Frontend: Angular, Material UI

  • Backend: Nest, TypeORM, MySQL, ZeroMQ

  • Cloud: Kubernetes, Azure, Docker

  • Machine Learning: Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch

Product Team

6 engineers

How it works

How it works_deep-learning-based multi-tenant platform.png
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