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An MVP for a sports platform enabling users to plunge into the world of sports, create their dream teams and compete against others.

E-sport  / 2-month engagement  /  5-person team

Sports platform development

the project

Users can create a league for friends and family or join a league that already exists. Once the season is underway, they can manage a lineup, submit waiver claims, and keep up with the latest fantasy football news all from the app. The app offers in-the-moment sports updates from scores to breaking news. Main features:

  • Player stats comparison view - radar chart

  • Lineup wizard

  • Advanced table views - filter, sort, search and compare

  • Live visualisation of game events


Shaping MVP

UI / UX Design

Product Management

Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • TypeScript, Node.js, MongoDB

  • AWS, S3, Lambda

  • Angular, RxJs, ngRx

  • Flutter

Product Team

1 product manager

2 engineers

1 QA engineer

1 designer

The process


A design concept for the app was ready in a week. The team worked on the product in short sprints with regular demos with the stakeholders. Within the first 3 weeks, the team had the project infrastructure set up including AWS and database settings. This allowed the team to collaborate on the platform with product stakeholders.


We had a series of calls with the customer team to learn about their idea and goals. The most important limitation was time - the client needed MVP in two months. This meant that we had to move fast. After agreeing on priorities with the stakeholders we drew an 8 week product roadmap and got down to work.


The fully functional MVP was released within 8 weeks. It took an additional couple of days to upload the application to the app stores.

As an early stage startup we were working against the clock and wanted to rely on a development partner who could get up to speed quickly and scale the team up and down as the project progressed. They’ve done a phenomenal job of creating the app in weeks. Their communication is straightforward and efficient.

Edwin S., founder

Radical Efficiency illustrations

Mobile app with Flutter

We had a limited timeline for the delivery of the mobile app - 2 months. At the same, time the app is rich with visual animations which must work smoothly on all devices. To satisfy such conditions, we chose Flutter as it allows us to create high-performant cross-platform mobile applications. Despite the fact that Flutter apps are programmed in Dart, not in JS, the project’s web team successfully coped with creating the mobile apps as well.

Game results and lineup scraper

To show real tournament and game data, we built a scraper which parsed web pages of certain sport resources and pulled schedules, lineups and game events. We based the scraper on a popular open-source web scraper which enabled us to develop the program swiftly and have the scalable solution out-of-the-box.

Serverless functions

Choosing serverless architecture allowed us to focus on writing only data processing logic without the need to set up extensive application infrastructure. Such architecture fits the job as there is not much foreseen extension or modification of the app logic. At the same time it gives the benefit of scalability without the need to design for it - the platform will support as many users as needed.

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