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Empowering property developers and local authorities to plan smarter through harnessing geospatial data, software engineering, and data science.


Urban planning platform / 13-month engagement / 5-person team

Urban planning platform development case study

About the project

Our client is a UK-based PropTech and PlanTech startup that provides a geospatial intelligence platform for a local and national government, as well as investors and property developers. It use data from various sources including Local Authorities’ databases, a powerful algorithm analyses the sustainability of over 29 million land parcels in England and Wales by a set of criteria ranging from the closest town’s population to detailed information about the site’s ownership allowing users to identify properties or land suitable for the development.

Product features

GDPR compliance

All data transmitted between the backend and frontend is encrypted. Sensitive user data can’t be accessed directly and only a limited amount of administrative users can view general data.

Story Maps

Admins can create immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and other multimedia content. It can be used to run public consultations and receive feedback on planned development.

Version-based configurations

Users can create custom dashboard, questionnaires, and map storytellings of any complexity. Each configuration is versioned and can be re-used as a template.

Green/blue deployment

Implementation of the green/blue deployment approach ensures that new releases won’t cause downtime. This also gives an opportunity to manage traffic effectively and implement A/B testing. 


Each tenant has an access to the platform using their own URL. Colors/texts and data shown can be configured and is specific for each client. Data is strictly separated to avoid any leaks between clients. 


Users can access the urban platform not only with traditional email password pairs but also using 3-rd party vendors with the help of SSO like Azure. The platform also supports SAML login for some of the clients.

Feature flags

Clients' features are separated by the feature flags, which allows them to turn on and off access to specific services for a separate client. 


Software Engineering

Product Management


  • Frontend: React, TypeScript, Material UI

  • Backend: NodeJS / Nest, Knex / Sequelize, PostgreSQL

  • Cloud: GCP, Docker, Firebase

  • 3rd-party integration: OpenLayers, Matomo, Sentry

Product Team

4 engineers

1 delivery partner

Urban planning platform tablet view

The solution 

Urban planning platform solution architecture scheme

We were originally a bit skeptical about outsourcing our technology functions to an agency, but I'm delighted to say that deciding to go with Radency has taken away a key area of stress in my life!

Daniel Mohamed, Founder & Managing Director at Urban Intelligence

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Urban planning platform map view

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Let's talk 

Interested to learn more on how Radency can bring value to your business? Drop us a line! 

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