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Making trading and investing more accessible and secure than ever before

Trading platform / 12-month engagement / 6-person team

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About the client

Our client is a financial technology company providing transformative market-based solutions for businesses, entrepreneurs, retail and institutional investors. The company is focused on the democratization of securities trading and the elimination of intermediaries through the use of distributed ledger technology. 


Their core product is a blockchain-based trading platform that enables efficient and secure trading of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies, security tokens, and other digital assets. The platform uses proprietary technology, allowing companies to raise capital through the issuance of digital securities. 


The client also develops other blockchain-based solutions, including a digital wallet and a system for tracking the ownership of physical assets using blockchain technology.

The challenge

The client is introducing a new product and has an advanced architecture consisting of numerous microservices developed by multiple feature-based teams. They need to expand their development capacity minimizing the time required to hire and onboard new employees. Additionally, the client aims to revamp the approach used to evaluate the performance of their existing system in preparation for future business growth.

Product features

Сapital raising

The platform assists companies in securing funding throughout their corporate lifecycles from the first financing round to the last, including private placements (Reg D and Reg A/A+). Companies have the option to raise capital through a traditional offering structure or through innovative methods.


Users can access unique trading methodologies tailored to their goals and objectives, such as continuous trading, block trades, or auction events, and are flexible to host the secondary trading solution on their or shared website. Also, they’re able to increase the potential to attract new investors for trading their shares.


The platform gives users access to customized secondary transactions and a range of investment opportunities, including private securities, public securities, NFTs, and more.

Primary Issuance

The solution enables companies to host their offering on their own website, giving them the power to customize and brand their online investment platform and offering landing page.

Market Data

A platform provides real-time and historical market data for digital assets, including cryptocurrency and security tokens.

Digital Securities

Fractionalization makes assets easier to sell and trade. It goes beyond stocks and applies to various assets like real estate, funds, art, film, and more, fundamentally changing how we invest and making these assets accessible to a wider audience.


Software Engineering


  • Backend: Java/Kotlin, Spring Boot, Ktor, REST-API, GraphQL, GCP Pub/Sub

  • Data: Hibernate, PostgreSQL

  • Cloud: Docker, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, GCP

  • Frontend: React/Redux, Next.js

  • QA: JMeter, TestNG, JUnit, Appium, Cypress, Postman

Product Team

4 backend engineers

1 frontend engineer


The process


Throughout the hiring process, Radency collaborated closely with the client's technical leadership team. Within several weeks after the start of our search, the client received a verified portfolio of vetted candidates. This streamlined the client's hiring process, reducing their initial 6 interviews to just 2, and enabling them to concentrate on their specific requirements: ensuring that the candidate was the right fit for both their team and their product. Within a short period, Radency seamlessly added engineers to 4 out of 5 teams and closed even rare positions.


Radency held a series of meetings with the product management and technical leadership to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements, team expectations, product demands, and the necessary skill sets.


To make sure the client is satisfied with our team’s performance and feels comfortable working with each team member, our Delivery Partner on a weekly basis tracks progress, collects and processes the client’s feedback, holds 1-on-1 meetings with team members and provides assistance and guidance for both technical and non-technical inquiries.

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Let's talk 

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