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IT Staff Augmentation for a financial technology company 

Trading platform / 12-month engagement / 7-person team

trading platform case study

About the project

The client is launching a new product with an advanced architecture. It consists of multiple microservices developed by different teams. The company aims to expand its development capacity while minimizing the time required to hire and onboard new employees.

Proposition and cooperation

Radency streamlined team extension at scale. By connecting technical leadership directly with our Delivery Partner, the client was able to build the team from scratch in 3 months and deliver the product MVP on time.

Delivery Partner - a seasoned software engineer with over 10 years of industry experience. They may participate in every important aspect of the SDLC, including gathering requirements, designing the architecture, and staffing the team.


Depending on project needs they may act as a Solution Architect, Delivery Manager, or an Engineering Manager.

First candidate in 3 weeks

Our Delivery Partner held a series of meetings with the product management and technical leadership to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements, team expectations, product demands, and the necessary skill sets. The client received their batch of pre-screened candidates within 3 weeks after the start of cooperation.

Interview top 5%

We took on the major part of the hard work of the hiring process. Every candidate passed the interview with the Delivery Partner to match their engineering skills with project expectations. The client only needed to engage in conversations with the top 5% of the qualified candidates.

From 6 down to 1 round of interviews

For each candidate, we provided a summary of our interview, including the strengths and weaknesses we observed. The client conducted only a final interview round, ensuring the best fit for their team.

First commit in 2-3 days

Our Delivery Partner, located in the same time zone as the engineers, could answer most of the technical and organizational questions. By accumulating knowledge, they could anticipate and resolve many issues for engineers in advance. The new engineers quickly grasped the system, processes, and requirements, allowing them to start coding within the first 2–3 days.

20 % faster hiring of new team-mates

We maintained open communication and fostered a collaborative partnership with our client, enabling us to align with their evolving goals and hire engineers 20% faster.

Continuous improvement of the cooperation

The Delivery Partner set up monthly meetings with the client to share feedback and adjust expectations. We took on the responsibility for replacing engineers if needed, without any extra charges, ensuring minimal risks for the client.

A man pointing at his laptop screen


Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • Backend: Java/Kotlin, Spring Boot, Ktor, REST-API, GraphQL, GCP Pub/Sub

  • Data: Hibernate, PostgreSQL

  • Cloud: Docker, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, GCP

  • Frontend: React/Redux, Next.js

  • QA: JMeter, TestNG, JUnit, Appium, Cypress, Postman

Product Team

4 backend engineers

2 frontend engineer


Staff Augmentation Services

Team Extension

Fully vetted Radency software engineers join your team on a full time basis with 100% dedication to your project. Working with them is exactly like working with your own team: direct communication, full accountability, transparency and shared goals. 

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CTO/Tech Lead

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Pthoto of backend developer



Photo of Radency's backend developer



Avg. Team Size: 1-3 Teammates

Dedicated Development Team


Radency builds an efficiently managed dedicated team to cover your technology-driven needs. Either led on your side or by Radency – you determine the preferred degree of involvement, while we ensure radical efficiency and full visibility into the project progress. 

Photo of Radency's solution architect


Solution Architect

Photo of Radency's frontend developer



Photo of backend developer



Photo of Radency's QA engineer


QA Engineer

Avg. Team Size: 3-5 Teammates

Let's talk 

Interested to learn more on how Radency can bring value to your business? Drop us a line! 

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