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Streamlined Business Invoice and Payment Management System

Invoice and Payment Management Software / 4 engineers and 1 designer

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the project

Billimo is a software solution that simplifies invoice and payment management for businesses. This comprehensive system streamlines the entire invoicing process, enhancing efficiency and organization. The user-friendly platform allows companies and their customers to track and settle invoices effortlessly.

Billimo provides invoicing tools that empower businesses to create, send, and manage invoices effortlessly. With just a few clicks, companies can swiftly generate client invoices and deliver them via email or a secure online portal. Furthermore, businesses have the option to establish recurring invoices for regular payments or arrange to send invoices at a later time.

Product features

Process payments

The app lets users connect their bank accounts and transfer money using Plaid's open banking platform.


The dashboard provides an overview of transactions, custom notifications, and pending actions.

Invoice management

Users can create, upload, and send invoices while reviewing and making payments. The grid enables easy filtering and grouping of invoices received.


Through the app, users can customize the approval process and stop payment for bills exceeding a set amount.

Customer onboarding

As part of the customer onboarding process, we conduct KYC/KYB verification to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activities.


Users may choose different types of payments: instant payment, scheduled payment, or spread payments in multiple installments.

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UX Design


Software Engineering


Quality Assurance


  • Frontend: Angular, Tailwind NgRx

  • Backend: ASP.NET Core, Ocelot, RabbitMQ, Plaid

  • Data: Entity Framework, PostgreSQL

  • Cloud: Digital Ocean, Docker

Product Team

4 engineers

1 designer

The solution architecture

Scheme (2)

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