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Integration of EHR data with clinical trial management systems

EHR Integration for Clinical Trials 

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the project

The SMART EHR Integration for Clinical Trials aims to merge electronic health record (EHR) data more efficiently with clinical trial management systems. The project aims to simplify access and analysis of patient data from EHRs, improving clinical trial management, including recruitment, eligibility assessment, and monitoring. Our advanced approach to leveraging EHR data allows researchers and sponsors to unlock new potentials, conducting clinical trials that provide profound insights and impactful outcomes.


Software Engineering

Quality Assurance


  • Frontend: TypeScript, React,  Redux, TailwindCSS

  • Backend: TypeScript, AWS Lambda

  • Cloud: Docker, GCP (Cloud Healthcare API), AWS

Product Team

4 developers

1 solution architect

Product features

Patient Identification

With the application, researchers can effortlessly verify patient identity and access essential demographic information using SMART on FHIR technology. Users can conveniently search for patients based on specific criteria, streamlining the process and enabling more efficient and practical research.

Data Monitoring and Reporting

Researchers can monitor patient data in real-time during clinical trials. The app provides visualizations, alerts, and notifications to ensure safety and efficacy assessments. Users can generate reports and export data for analysis and regulatory compliance purposes.

Patient Recruitment

Program is designed to simplify finding and selecting eligible patients for clinical trials, acquiring their consent, and ensuring smooth communication channels between researchers, patients, and healthcare professionals.

Real-Time Data Retrieval

This app connects with the EHR system's FHIR API to retrieve essential patient information. It includes demographics, diagnoses, medications, lab results, and vital signs. By harnessing this data, researchers can access a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of each patient, ensuring informed decision-making and improved outcomes.

Clinical Trial Eligibility Assessment

The application leverages the power of FHIR resources and clinical trial protocols to ascertain a patient's eligibility for specific clinical trials. Analyzing the patient's unique characteristics, medical history, current medications, and lab results can match them against the predetermined selection criteria for each trial. Its approach ensures that only the most appropriate patients are selected for each study, maximizing the chances of successful outcomes and minimizing potential risks.

Interoperability and Data Exchange compliance

The app uses FHIR-based standards to enable data exchange between the EHR and clinical trial management system. Its goal is to facilitate seamless integration and data flow between the two systems.

SMART on FHIR authorization process

Scheme Health Project

Standards and API

Synthea Logo

FHIR is a standardized model representing clinical concepts like allergies and medications in electronic health records (EHR) or other clinical data stores. The Google Cloud Healthcare API provides a FHIR store.


The healthcare industry uses DICOM and DICOMweb standards in conjunction with SMART on FHIR to allow medical imaging to be integrated and interoperable with other healthcare applications. Google Cloud Healthcare API provides a DICOM store to facilitate this process.

OpenID Connect

SMART on FHIR utilizes OpenID Connect (OIDC) to enable secure access to healthcare data and applications by facilitating authentication and authorization processes.


SMART is a standard that allows third-party applications to connect to a data store and retrieve clinical information. It is a security layer that sits on top of FHIR interfaces, granting authorized applications access to the data stored in an EHR or any other repository compliant with SMART on FHIR.

Synthetic Health Data API

Synthea is an advanced tool that generates simulated patient data, providing realistic test data for development, testing, and demonstration purposes when used with SMART on FHIR.

HIPAA compliance

The application provides secure storage and access to all medical data, meeting the requirements of HIPAA and following strict security protocols.

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