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eLearning Software Development

We offer full-cycle software development services for EdTech  startups and eLearning companies.

Learning Management Systems

Streamlining learning experience and operational routine with scalable learning management platforms. Customize content, track progress and communicate with your audience all in one place.

Feature-rich eLearning development

Enhanced content management

Deliver adaptive digital content of any format, incl. text, images, video, audio with advanced search and the ability to embed content from external sites.

Automated assessment and feedback

Integrate tests, quizzes, polls, surveys, reporting, as well as certification and competency management into your EdTech solution. 

Sophisticated gamification

Engage learners with storytelling, interactive videos, and competition with the help of stats boards, rewards and badges.

Optimized eLearning management 

Enroll learners in training, schedule lectures and assignments, set alerts and notifications in your easily managed virtual classroom.

Technology expertise

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How we can help

We are passionate about modernizing the way people learn. There are dozens of advanced eLearning platforms under our collective belt, including our own in-house products. 

Custom eLearning development

Our team led by Radency's Technical Product Manager builds the solution from ideation and design to architecture and engineering.

Expand your eLearning solution

Dedicated Radency software engineers enrich your existing platform with new advanced features and integrations.

Revive your legacy EdTech software

We will assist you in redesigning, optimizing, and improving existing software, user experience, accessibility, performance, and security.

Why Radency

Radical efficiency 

Our technical decisions result from your business goals, we know when to optimize for rapid delivery and when to build solid foundations, when to integrate a third-party service and when to create a custom solution. 

Fully committed
product teams

We build an expert team around each project. The team is solely dedicated to one product and works directly with a client starting from MVP to product enhancement and support.

We are experts in eLearning

We’ve developed numerous feature-rich eLearning software products including our own LMS for nationwide super competitive  Radency Academy.

Only handpicked professionals 

We take recruitment very seriously. We longlist hundreds of candidates, have numerous interviews, and check countless test tasks to close one position.

Top-rated custom software development company

"They were very professional and detail-oriented.."

"Working on the product they covered aspects I haven’t even thought about. You can give them the task and be sure that it will be delivered in the best possible manner. They exceeded my expectations most substantially with showing ownership of the project; it felt very much like working with a great team, not just someone contracted to do a job."

"Combining technical and product skills, Radency is a one-stop destination for creating custom software products."

"They offered solutions which helped decrease the development time (and hence our spendings). We felt that they really care about what’s best for their client’s business."

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Tap into our Case Studies

Reinventing employees’ onboarding and corporate education with a seamless and intuitive LMS.

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  • How long does it take to build an eLearning solution?
    Project scope and team size are the main factors that influence the time required to develop a custom solution. The scope depends on the project goals - whether it’s an MVP aimed at testing the market, raising investment and finding product market fit, or it’s a refined product built to last. For the former, a team of 2-3 developers will cope with the task within 3-6 months. For a more sophisticated and performant platform, the same team may need 12-24 months of active development.
  • Do you build solutions for other industries besides education?
    Yes. We help Startups and SMBs develop EdTech solutions not only for the educational sector but also for other industries such as finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and others.

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