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War-life balance: how we operate after the invasion.

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Hi there, I’m Kate, co-CEO at Radency. I’m writing these lines on 153 day of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. When the feeling of terror and complete chaos are long gone, and when Ukrainian people, after putting their lives and plans on pause for almost half a year, start reimagining their future in the new reality. So does Radency and I thought I’d share some of our updates and thoughts.

Fully operational even when the war just broke out.

We are a remote-first team, and our developers, QAs, and designers were located throughout Ukraine, including those regions that were hit hard during the first days of the full-scale war like Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Kyiv. We had a contingency plan and rented several apartments in Lviv, the western part of Ukraine, which helped us accommodate people fleeing the warzone.

In those first days, we never fully stopped operations. Our priority was to do everything in our power to get our people to safety, to help everyone who needed our assistance while keeping our clients informed on what was going on and honoring our commitments, even if it meant releasing from the bomb shelters. Ukrainian cell and internet networks pulled through remarkably well, so we managed to continue the work.

In those pretty dark first couple of months, our work was the only thing that actually gave our minds a bit of calm, and we are eternally grateful for the compassion and care of our clients. Their support, be it offering accommodation abroad, refusal from dealing with russian clients, financial help to the team or simple human “how are you” and “how can we help” gave us so much strength.

How does the war affect Radency right now?

The most turbulent phase of the war has clearly passed. I guess we’ve reached some kind of war-life balance. We learned to be efficient in the new reality and adjusted our plans and goals.

With most of our pre-war projects developing at full-scale, we’re taking on new challenges and exploring new niches to help even more clients build advanced digital products.

Some relevant numbers:

  • 10 mln UAH donated, which is roughly 270k USD (as of August 2023). Every week we donate substantial amounts of money to foundations and causes that help Ukraine win.

  • 6-months lay-off moratorium. Our team is what we are most proud of, we have an amazing, talented, hardworking bunch of smart people, and our top priority now is to get through this turbulent phase with them onboard.

  • 2 training and certification programs were held. Our T&C programs give a chance for bright developers to make a successful career in the IT sphere, and we decided to renew them to help more talented people succeed.

Within the last few months, we spotted a tendency for more companies to turn to Ukraine when looking for engineers. And we are very happy to get the chance to show the world that Ukrainian people are not only brave and resilient but also talented and professional.


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