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Improve your Digital Product Adoption and UX with lessons from Games

Updated: Apr 3

Gamification is not about building a game but using the same elements that make games fun and motivating and the same psychological triggers to create an engaging user experience.’


Alexa Andrei

Alexa Andrei

Head of Marketing at Strive Cloud 

Bryn Rees

Bryn Rees

Digital Content Strategy Director at IKEA

What the webinar is about

People creating digital products can learn a lot from games. Games famously have the highest adoption rates, and their UI and UX are renowned. However, there's more to a game than points, badges, and flashy animations.

Players say 'this game' at the start and refer to it as 'my playthrough' at the end. We'll explore why that is and discuss how and if you should apply such techniques to your own products.

We'll also talk about why 'just add gamification' isn't the right approach.


About Radency

Radency is a software development company dedicated to streamlining operations for healthcare companies and improving patient care through innovative solutions. Our team of experienced software engineers, well-versed in the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, crafts custom software like EMR systems, mobile apps for remote monitoring, and secure tele-health platforms. 

By forging long-term partnerships with our clients, Radency ensures our software continuously evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare landscape.

Read more about our healthcare projects by the link.


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