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Generalist AI in Medicine

Updated: May 3

Computers are beginning to give Medical advice.

Still early days in my health tech blogging adventure. I've rediscovered an old adage. Read more to write better. Another good exercise is to summarize what you've written. Case in point this latest research paper published in Nature on Generative AI in medicine. We're moving beyond the era of "computer says no". This has already begun with apps like Healthily. Which is "like Google but better" for health questions. These past few weeks I had an embarrassing problem. I was farting and burping excessively. My partner suggested going to a doctor. Not only was I stinking up the apartment but she was worried about my health. Healthily gave me the advice I needed to solve the problem on my own. Today I fart no longer. People are increasingly turning to computers for medical advice. Soon doctors will too. We're on the cusp of a dramatic change that is going to surprise everyone.

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