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Compliance and Health: Embedding compliance into your company and tech

Updated: Apr 3

Digital Health, Health Tech, Med Tech all have increasingly complex compliance exposure.


Gabriela Schwartz-Porto  Head of Compliance, Flo Health

Gabriela Schwartz-Porto

Head of Compliance, Flo Health

Edward Radency  Delivery Manager

Edward Radency

Delivery Manager

Jovan Stevovic  CEO,

Jovan Stevovic


What the webinar is about

What you need to know about compliance before you speak to investors

How to juggle Agile development with compliance

Who owns what and when

Compliance roadmaps

Building compliance into technology and your company culture

Recruiting for compliance


About Radency

Radency is a software development company dedicated to streamlining operations for healthcare companies and improving patient care through innovative solutions. Our team of experienced software engineers, well-versed in the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, crafts custom software like EMR systems, mobile apps for remote monitoring, and secure tele-health platforms. 

By forging long-term partnerships with our clients, Radency ensures our software continuously evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of the healthcare landscape.

Read more about our healthcare projects by the link.


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