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Each project is unique and with every client we adjust our approach to better fit their goals. However, our strive for development efficiency is constant.

E-learning platform

E-learning solution

Reinventing employees’ onboarding and corporate education with seamless and intuitive LMS.

Learning management platform assists companies in their change management and employee training efforts. Users can create courses, upload videos, track progress of their employees and integrate quizzes and forms into the platform.

Task management tool

A smart collaboration app which helps organizations manage product workflow in one place while giving the team perspective of the whole agile process.

The tool unites a plethora of project management and collaboration functions, helps visualize projects in boards and detailed lists with easy scheduling, labeling, tags, and comments.

Task management tool
Fantasy Football App

Fantasy Football App

An advanced platform enabling users to plunge into the sport world, create dream teams and win. 

Users can create a league for friends and family to join or join a league that already exists. Once the season is underway, they can manage a lineup, submit waiver claims, and keep up with the latest fantasy football news all from the app. The app offers in-the-moment sports updates from scores to breaking news.

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