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Efficient Software Engineering

We’ll help you create appealing, fast and secure web applications tailored for your business goals. 

Team extension and
outstaffing developers

Hand-picked Radency software engineers join your team on a full time basis with 100% dedication to your project. Working with them is exactly the same as working with your own team: direct communication, full accountability, transparency and shared goals. 

Offshore Dedicated Development team

Radency builds up an efficiently managed dedicated team to cover your technology-driven needs. Either led on your side, or by a Radency's Technical Product Manager - you determine the preferred degree of involvement, while we ensure radical efficiency and full visibility into the project progress.

Outsourcing Product Development

We fit together professionals with the expertise required to bring your product to success. Led by Radency's Technical Product Manager, your product team builds the solution from ideation and design to architecture and engineering.

How it works

Step 1


Following in-depth requirements analysis, stakeholder interviews, code audit, user research, and competitors analysis, we’ll suggest the most efficient course of action to accomplish your business goals. We'll then prioritize product features into a roadmap, set milestones and create an estimated task backlog that will serve as a preliminary plan which will guide the project.

Step 3


  • Determining a solid match. You'll learn about us and we'll learn about you, to make sure our approaches and modus operandi fit together

  • Studying the Idea. We'll ask a lot of questions about the product, its clients and competition 

  • Budgeting and Planning. By creating a broad plan for finishing the project we’ll put together a proposal and give you an idea of the necessary budget

Step 2


At this stage we assemble the team tailored to the project. The team will build your product in short cycles, meeting with you regularly to review the working software and adjust the plan if needed. You can expect the first viable product shipped no later than 3-4 months after the start of development.

Top 1% talent

To close 1 position we review >100 candidates, check around 40 technical test tasks, conduct ~15 interviews.

Quick start

Engineers can start as soon as  5-10 days after the paperwork is done. ​

Risk-Free Trial 

As an additional vote of confidence in our engineers, we provide a

14-day risk free trial for all of our customers.

Radical Efficiency 

We believe that the key to development efficiency lies in smart people enabled by solid processes. 

Fullstack Engineers

Expertise across various tech stacks makes it possible for Radency engineers to work on all platforms without inflating the team size - be it web, cloud or mobile.

Continuous Delivery

We preach early releases and continuous delivery to promptly ship product updates to users and to allow stakeholders to tune the product as it receives market feedback.

Productive Communication

We foster active communication with the client’s team as regular reporting, timely feedback and candid sharing of any concerns are the foundation of reliable partnership.

Why us

We move beyond simply building features and help you design the right product with the right strategy.

Radency invested time to understand the project’s vision establishing a dependable partnership. They guided the engagement with valuable suggestions and demonstrated outstanding attention to detail as well as dependable quality.

Richard E., Co-founder at e-learning startup 

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Result Focused,
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Full-cycle: from Design
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With us you won’t just “rent a developer”. You’ll extend your team with our professionals specializing in software design, development, testing and product management.

Full control and high development ROI

With our agile process, you’ll see progress earlier, collaborate with our team tightly, achieve a quick time to market and enjoy high development ROI.

Let's talk

Contact us to discuss how we can deliver your project with radical efficiency

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