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Photo of Nikita, co-founder & CEO at Radency

Nikita Semenistyi

Co-founder and CEO

Nikita is Radency’s driver of efficient software development. He is keen on finding solutions which could be built at a fraction of the assumed cost and still perform better. Being an experienced CTO, he's learned to select and grow talented engineers and build a strong technical culture.

Photo of Kate, co-founder & COO at Radency

Kateryna Semenista

Co-founder and COO

Kate is an experienced IT executive with a track record in marketing, product management and people operations. On a day to day basis she is efficiently running the Radency operations and contributes to delivering outstanding customer value.

Key things about us

Boutique agency
created to care

Radency is growing at a rate which allows us to hire the right people. This boutique approach enables us to focus on our clients and provide unparalleled service. 

Continuous delivery
and early releases

Releasing features early and often means less risk and bugs, while frequent feedback gives the ability to iterate, learn from the customers and respond to the market.

Radical efficiency
at all stages

Defining priorities helps us focus on what really matters and achieve client's goals while maximizing returns on development investments. 

A Dedicated

Radency is based on partnerships. Our partners are hands-on experts and in order to ensure exceptional results one of them will be assigned to each of our client’s project. 

Fully committed
product teams

We build an expert team around each project. The team is solely dedicated to one product and works directly with a client starting from MVP to the product enhancement and support.

Only handpicked professionals 

We take recruitment very seriously. We longlist hundreds of candidates, have numerous interviews, and check countless test tasks to close one position. 

Let's talk 

Want to learn how your project can benefit from radical efficiency

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